ESC recommendation for 19kg full load UAV quad

I’m looking for most adequate esc solution for 19-20kg full load take off weight. Did some analysis on ecalc

and result for motors were always around 8318 motors with 12S batteries like the X8318S HLY W9235
or T-Motor P80

For T-Motor, of course they are more expensive than the X8318S and have also their own ESC FLAME 80A
or latest one ALPHA 80A.

I also have seen cheaper ones like Flycolor FLYDRAGON V4
or Hobbywing HV80A

One more XRotor pro HV V3 80A

Anybody can give me some input, experiences, recommendations on these products? Thanks in advance.

OK, already get a private recommendation for Hobbywing XRotor FOC Power System Combo Brushless 8120 100KV Motor & HV 80A FOC V3 ESC
So 1 point for Hobbywing.

With such a large Quad, do not forget to install a parachute. Hexa or Octo copter can land after one motor failure, Quad just drop from the sky.

thanks for your feedback, but as this is for agricultural purpose, this bird will not have the time to deploy a parachute, as it will be flying max 3 meters high. But will seriously think about an airbag :wink: