ESC PWM issue on Rover 4.0

I seem to have an issue with my ESCs activating on a pixhawk.
Currenty on a tethered tank type rover build with 2 brushed ESCs with reverse.
These seem to have an auto detect function and when PWM is at 1500 you can hear the beep sounds and you are able to start your motors.
I have No other mode than manual on my build and i tested also acro.
Even though i am able to see on MP that as i move my joysticks (no RC) in theory the output is changed on the ESCs and also their idle is set to 1500 when my sticks are centered, i cant seem to get the second beep and start my motors.
I can connect to ANY RC the ESCs and it instantly starts.
I know i have done something wrong, but i am looking for ideas, since so far i have not be able to trace my mistake.

So you can make any motor spin if connected directly to an recever (no FC) and start with throttle stick from zero or from middle (PWM 1000 or 1500)?