ESC problem

hi have a problema… i was calibrating the ESC’s one by one and i have one ESC that starts fine and when i get the throttle back down the ESC give only one tone and not the 3 tones for the 3s battery and 1 more for success, can anyone help me to resolve that problem???

ardupilot 2.6
6 keda 20-22 960kv outrunner hacker style brushless motors
6 ESC’s 40A SBEC 2-6LiPo
1 Turnigy 3s 5000mha 60c


what does mean [quote]i was calibrating the ESC’s one by one[/quote]

are you calibrating ESC one by one ?

right method to calibrate ESC at same time.

then why do they have on the that it can be done one-by-one???, just asking

forget about that instruction and understanding.

Just connect all ESC and perform calibration.