Esc pixhawk questions

Hi, im new to making an rc glider and new to the forum.

I bought myself most of the stuff (and broken some in the process) to make an RC glider.
But im at loss right now with the connections.

First off i think i blew my pixhawk by connection the ESC to the receiver,the receiver to the pixhawk, and then powered both the ESC via the T Dean and the pixhawk via the power port…

  • i suppose what i did wrong is that the ESC already having power and running to the receiver gave a nice 5v to the pixhawk RCIN port?

  • The ESC gives a nice 5.1v (measured)to the 3 pin(jst?) that is coming out. I suppose i must connect it to the main port on the pixhawk? Do i need a zener?

  • The aileron servos are plugged in on the receiver(ch 1 and 2). That is ok? or should they be on the pixhawk main?