ESC not working on Pixhawk Cube Orange

Equipment Pixhawk Cube orange. ESC Iflight succex-e mini 35a. Crossfire

It all starts with the mission planer stock settings, after I set the frame type and if the battery is connected at that time, it beeps as if it is calibrated and ready to go. After that I set SERIAL2_PROTOCOL 23 for my radio equipment to work. When I try to calibrate ecs nothing happens. Calibration happens like this: I disconnect the cube from usb, put the throttle stick to the maximum position, connect the battery, but the flight controller does not go into ecs calibration mode (it does not start blinking LEDs in turn), and ecs beeps only one signal.

I tried to set all types of protocols in ECS calibration. Turned off the safety switch.

First, what signal type do your ESCs want?

Are they Dshot of normal PWM ESCs.

This is important since Dshot won’t require any calibration.

Second, to calibrate your normal ESCs you don’t power on with the radio throttle stick in maximum position. You actually won’t need the throttle stick at all.

In missionplanner there is an ESC tab under mandatory hardware. On that tab you should select your esc type. If you have normal pwm ESCs you select the type normal.

Than there is a calibration button. You should follow the instructions in missionplanner. I believe there is some instructions next to the button. But basically, you press the button than power cycle the system. On the next powerup the cube will be in esc calibration mode. You don’t have to use the throttlestick yourself, the cube will put the throttle in high position for you and than also lower it to minimum.

When the calibration is done, you simply reboot the system.

I hope this helped!

As a result, I rolled back to version 4.2 and it worked almost immediately