ESC not calibrating

I have hobbywing xrotor 4in1 60A ESC with cube orange+ and velox 3008, The ESC use DShot1200 according to datasheet.
All ESC signal wires are connected to aux output of cube.
But i can not calibrate ESC by any types.
it just beeps when i try to caliberate it. the motor test is also not working.
below is parameter list…
i’m really confused of what to do.
i have tested DShot1200 and any othey DShots but it dose not work.
parameters - 2024-7-1.param (17.5 KB)

You need to set these:


DSHOT300 will be more than enough.

You dont need to calibrate the ESC like with old PWM signals.
Only test using MissionPlanner Motor Test

You also need to change all these, you dont have the outputs set correctly…
Leave the SERVO_FUNCTION values I was just about to tell you to change…

Make sure you have the latest stable firmware installed.
and that’s it (plus the settings above)
Now the ESC data wires need to be connected to the MAIN OUT 1 → 4 which frees up the AUX connectors for other things.
I noticed that is not in your params, so you dont have the latest firmware installed

EDIT again:
The core thing you had wrong was motor outputs set on SERVO 1 to 4, but wires plugged into SERVO 9 to 14 (AUX ports).
Move the wires to MAIN outs and do the other settings I mention - you should be good to go with DSHOT300 on the main outputs.

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thank you very much
yes i think when my cube did reset to default i didn’t change those outputs to aux again and the default was on main
so right now i did update to 4.5, set BRD_IO_Dshot to 1 and tested. now things look fine.(output connected to main outputs)
right now it is on dshot600. should i change it to 300?

DSHOT300 is good and known to be reliable with the Cube main outputs.
DSHOT600 could work too

Dshot600 won’t work on the Cube main outputs. If you try to configure that you will see the outputs reset back to PWM in the Banner message. Dshot300 max.

Thanks Dave - I’ve actually got a Cube Orange sitting right here all configured up ready to go, but never tried DS600 as the doco says DS300 on the main outs.

Yea, I think unless there is a compelling reason to use the main outputs for motors, and there are plenty of use cases where that is true, use of the Aux outputs is still the best choice for Dshot.