ESC Desync issue

I THINK my ESC is playing up. I can replicate the issue in the air and on the ground, after a short period of the prop spinning the motor stutters. To me that is an ESC sync issue. Being a stock Volantex ESC I can’t adjust the timing to see if that may fix the issue.
I tried with another similar motor and same issues. I’m avoiding replacing the ESC until I confirm it is the ESC. This ESC works fine when I run without a Ardu FC.
I’m new to analyzing log files so any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance

ESC: Volantex 30A
FC: Matek Wing 405

Ranger (Ardu).param (25.8 KB)

Log Files:

I’m experiencing a similar issue with the F405 Wing as well. Plane 4.1.5 - VTOL tiltrotor with the front 2 motors getting signal from S1/S2 while the rear motor gets signal from S7. Does not matter if I use dshot, one shot or pwm. Only the rear motor starts to stutter after 30 sec or so of vtol flight. This ofcourse cuts lift in the rear and the front motors ramp down to maintain attitude.

Does not happen with non Ardupilot control. The rear motor can run on high throttle on the same ESC with manual RC control. This has been a tough problem to tackle. Did you end up fixing it @Joshk1?

I couldn’t figure it out. I replaced with a quality ESC and I haven’t had any issues. I put it down to a hardware fault. This ESC didn’t have the ability to change the timing or flash new firmware.

I would maybe check ESC timing through BLHeli config or do it or manually just to be sure they’re all the same.

Strange, as I have another vehicle set up the same but using a H743 board and I haven’t had issues…

Good luck.

Thanks for the response. Much appreciated. I’ve tried all the options - including blheli changes and ESC changes. Even tried a harmonic notch filter. Will be changing the motor to rule out the last variable!