ESC Calibration why does the

I’ve been following the ESC Calibration Procedure (3.6.0 and later) to Calibrate my tail sitter ESCs and while trying to do the Calibration I’ve noticed that in the Motor layout section the PWM Values are slowly rising when I put my throttle stick to max. It’s also very asymmetrical (left throttle doesn’t rise as much as right throttle). Why does it do that? Aren’t those two values supposed to be at the max PWM value?

Btw. I ended up just setting my Servo Parameters to RCIN3 and ended up doing the calibration that way but I’m still curious as to what may be happening.

Logs would be helpful. It’d be nice to confirm that Q_ESC_CAL=1 is set and the mode is QSTABILIZE.

I don’t have the logs right now.
I also tried it again with a different radio and receiver (instead of the DJI one) and it worked this time.
I’ll get back at you as soon as I find time to reproduce the problem.