ESC calibration not possible, T-Motor S45A 600Hz on Pixhawck (3.4.4)

Dear helpers

I try to calibrate 4 ESCs Type: “T-Motor S45A 600Hz” with SimonK

After pressing the safty button to become constant red, there is no sound sequence comming from the FC to indicate “full throttle” recogniced.

After a while I go to low throttle, also no sound. If I then pull up throttle motors are running.

I then do the motor test and it works with exeption of “all motors in a sequencwe” which does not work.

Have you any idea about the calibration problem? can you help please?

best regards

set esc calibration to mode 2 on pixhawk, then start it up with throttle up and then press arming button.

if its in esc calibration mode the led will flash red and blue.

You had better check if your Firmware supports ESC cal as it was disabled a while back.

Dear Georg thanks for your answer.
What is mode 2 on the pixhawk? can you advice?


Dear Acpuk
how can I check my firmware, on the Pixhawk I have the latest firmware (3.4.4) also on the missionplaner.
can you also advice please.

2 Start-up in ESC Calibration mode regardless of throttle, it only does this once before the setting goes back to 0.

but by the sound of it if your motors are starting then your pixhawk is in esc calibration mode ok and its the ESC that wont, chances are its disabled like on dji speed controllers.

I am now unsure where I read ESC cal had been disabled, I can’t find it now. I have however found this under Copter 3.5-rc1 28-Jan-2017

ESC calibration start problem resolved (was sometimes not detecting high throttle from pilot

This may have something to do with your problem.

The process is very well documented here

Hello Georg

I cant find this parameter on the mission planner. I was looking under “Standard Params”. I used also the FIND button.

I do not understand the second sentence “but the sound …”

can you advice again.


Yes I did follow these instructions many times.

Look over here.
It works with 3.4.4

Dear Rainer
I have done this procedure several times. I get no confirmation what so ever. The only thing it does, the motors start spinning when I move the throttle up again.
I have no idea any more

your escs must have a fixed range, just set your handset throttle output to match your escs then do rc calibration, that will get all your end points lined up.

Hello Georg thanks for your reply

I dont know how to do that.
How do I know the range of the ESCs? to be able to match them

The range of my handset throttle goes from 985 to 2006 ms, calibrated with Mission Planner.

How can I adjust (match) the output of my handset (FrySky X9E) to a certain range?

maybe you can help


Can they arm the FC?

Hello Rainer

yes I can arm the FC if I understand it right.

When I connect the battery and press the safty button until it becomes solid red and then push the throttle to the lower right until a long beep I am able to start the motors and controll them.

They start all at the same time and also spinn equal as far as i can judge.


OK. I see these esc are already calibrated by the manufacturer.
If all motors at the same time start it should be ok.

Dear Rainer
are sure, how can I further test?

thats how they look like


diese Regler sind Konfektioniert, wenn alle Motore gleich anlaufen, sollte
das OK sein.

As you do know the low and high value it is so easy to use a simple servo tester on each ESC. Generally there are a number of things to setup in an ESC, beside the throttle range, so a simple servo tester is really the tool to do it. FYI, here is one showing values in microseconds:
Turnigy servo tester.


Alles klar Rainer, danke dann hack ich das ab.