Esc calibration, no beeps Lipo cell number

Hi, I have a twin motor plane.

I did the Esc calibration as usual (Escs connected directly to the receiver), and the motors seem to spin normally after armed, but the strange thing is that I never hear the “6 beeps” indicating that is a 6 Lipo cell.

Same behaviour when they are connected to Pixhawk.

The escs are Hobbywing X-rotor 40A.

Is that normal? How can I calibrate them to hear the “Lipo number cells” Beeps?


I don’t think the XRotors function in that manner:

Step 3: ESC Programming (For XRotor-10A、XRotor-20A、XRotor-40A)

  1. Turn on the transmitter, and then move the throttle stick to the top position.
  2. Connect the receiver to the battery and ensure the transmitter and receiver are well bound, and then turn on the ESC.
  3. The motor will beep different tones circularly.
  4. “Beep-beep-” Throttle Calibration “Beep-beep-beep-” Intermediate Timing “Beep-beep-beep-beep-” High Timing
  5. If move the throttle stick to the bottom position in 3 seconds after you heard the corresponding beeps, then the programming of that item is completed
  6. Programming is completed; and the ESC is ready to go