esc calibration no beep.. help

When I try to calibrate the esc, there is no sound in the course of the beep.

How can I make a sound?

Turn it into a translator and understand if it’s strange

Good day, which escs are you using?
Did you check the correct side of signal and ground after the connection on your fc?

Thank you for your reply.

I am using Favourite Little bee 30A 2-6S ESC(Opto).

FC and esc are properly linked.

the motoer number was also checked.

Is something wrong with the process before the esc correction?

I don’t know much about my settings after my first production.

It is written in translator, so please understand.

what flight controller are you using?
If you want i can give you my telegram id so i can send you a small video about all the procedure you need

My FC is pixhawk 2.1 cube.
If you ok, i want video.
Thank you.

ok… just send me pls a pic of how you have wired your esc on the fc and also pic of the servos parameters value