ESC Calibration issues - Matek F405 Wing, CrossFire, Mantis ESC

I tried many many settings in the radio and mission planner to get my mantis 35a working on the Matek F405 with arduopilot, but im sure i missed the most important setting

Before I installed the F405 board with ardupilot, the same motor, esc, receiver worked fine and I had several flights on this plane.

All my sensors, GPS, airspeed, servors, etc work, however, I am unable to arm the ESC. Im very confident it has to do with the min points, but i just don’t know where else to look

Hopefully im missing something easy

thank you

I assume you know about arming the ArduPilot before able to rise the throttle.

The other detail you may have missed is the ESC calibration. All you need is here:

Good luck!!


Does anyone have a link to the post referenced here? The original link appears broken.


Hi @dan0412,

For the time being I only can find the quadplane ESC calibration here.

The basic procedure is still the same.

Maybe @hwurzburg can point us in the right direction?

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Thanks @VRquaeler / @hwurzburg .

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