ESC Calibration: Cannot Activate Passthrough Mode

I am trying to follow the all-at-once ESC calibration instructions here: Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) Calibration — Copter documentation

And nothing is correlating at all. I find it weird that with all the different ESCs and flight controllers out there, why is this the standard? Isn’t there some reasonable expectation that this will not work for many setups? Really the only thing that should be instructed is going into pass-through mode (which isnt even working for me).

I have a TX16s transmitter with a Pixhawk 4 mini connected to 4 ‘BL Heli’ ESCs via PWM.

Starting from Step 4, I dont have a safety switch on the ‘Autopilot’ (or is this talking about the gps module?)

No special beeps when connecting the battery to the drone with throttle set to full. radio has been calibrated already. i know the escs may not be able to calibrated this way, but i cant even get into calibration mode with the autopilot, which i assume does not depend on the esc (because its just passthrough mode). are these instructions outdated?

If you can use DSHOT you don’t need to do the old fashioned ESC calibration
Edit: Ah ha, PWM , I see.

Tried the semiautomatic ESC calibration?

ill try that. weird that it doesnt matter what esc im using…

im using this one btw…: Spare Parts-X500 V2 Kit,Spare Parts

for which i cant find documentation because its no name… maybe its an ancient chinese secret i need to be enlightened with…

the semi-auto instructions dont say anything about setting endpoints. what are we supposed to assume? (full throttle before beeps, min throttle after etc)

Perhaps those ESC’s can be flashed with Bluejay firmware.

It uses the values already set during RC calibration

In Mission Planner, I did a motor test at the ~3 percent throttle range and noticed that some motors turn but others do not (consistently). After hitting the ‘Calibrate ESC’ button and following instructions, the motors seem to spin at the same rate at ~3 percent throttle range and all stop at ~2 percent. So, it seems like the Mission Planner calibration worked without issue.