ESC calibration and motor speed unbalance

When I tried to calibrate ESCs for Hobbywing Xotor Pro X9 motors, i just set the parameters MOT_PWM_TYPE=0 (normal) and ESC_CALIBRATION=3 (auto calibration). And then, i did the calibration on Setup> Mandatory Hardware > ESC calibration according to the said procedure. When i repowered up the vehicle, the ESC beeped sounds accordingly with cell numbers and long beep sound. I think it’s successful.
But after arming the vehicle, when i did yaw in clockwise directon, motor no.2 and 6 stopped.
And HUD screen notified with Yaw Imbalance %.
How do can i solve this problem? Which parameters do i need to setup more?
Please help me.

You have a mechanical “YAW imbalance” it can not be fixed by changing parameters.
Search this forum for “YAW imbalance” and untwist your motors and it will go away.

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I do arming and yaw testing without propellers. Could it be the cause itself?
If I need to do untwist the motors, how can I do it? I mean I don’t know what is untwisting. I assembled the motors in Clockwise X configuration. When I checked the motor test, they rotated in accordance with Clockwise X.

Oh, I understand. It is straightening out the motor arms. Thank you very much.

Testing without propelors is invalid.
It is explained in How to methodically tune (almost) any multicopter using ArduCopter 4.4.x

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