Esc beeping after 3.8 update

hi all just updated 2 pixhawks 2.1 worked fine
but pixhawk 1 i spent the day trying to fix this

that usually means the PWM value is out of range for this ESC.
Assuming default channel assignments, try adjusting SERVO3_MIN. Your ESC was probably calibrated with a bit higher min PWM.

Hi thanks for you help i have set and tried to adjusting servo 3 min and max before i came here :smile:
when i did the update i did see the SERVO3_MIN was higher when it update the prams from 3.7.1 to 3.8 it was 1100
i though good i found it nop not to be i say has something to do with esc i changed them with some new one’s that i was going to replace them with works fine now so i say its the config in the esc thank you all your help over the last week
there all updated and working on 3.8