ESC beep after power up until safety switch is pushed

I’m not sure what is going on but I have not had any problems flying with my 4 Pixhawk FC. All 4 of them do the same thing but every youtube video to include 3DR I see I don’t hear the beeping I get. I have 3 multirotors 2 HEX 1 Quad and 1 plane. When I connect power I get the initial Pixhawk tones. Everything passes. Then I get the ESC beeps as if they do not have radio signal. After preflight checks I push the safety switch it stops and they fly just fine. I would think it was something I did but the plane was built by 3DR.

I’m running:
Futaba 14SG Not all the same receivers (But all S-Bus)
Hobby-wing Platinum 40A ESC

The DJI ESCs do the same thing. I think it’s deliberate - the ESCs beep to warn they have no signal. Fortunately my new afros don’t. It’s very nice and quiet, I found the beeping pretty irritating. Perhaps you can reprogram the ESCs to not beep?