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ESC 4 in 1 with mRo Pixracer R15 or Cube


Do you know if it is possible to use the + 5v, + Bat and Current outputs of a 4 in 1 Drone Racer ESC and connect them to a Pixracer R15 mRo or Cube for power supply and battery telemetry?

(In this example, the Bec output is 10 volts.)

yes and maybe.
The current and bat ports yo need to test their voltage. Likely the current is fine as it in the 0 to 3.3 range. But bat is typically the actual voltage of the battery which would not make your pixracer happy. It might take up smoking.
Also the 10volt output won’t power the FC…again may take up smoking which isn’t good for it’s health.

I have also 1 question about 4 in 1 ESC , i have Blheli_S ESC but company giving telemetry port and I checked in betaflight it’s work perfectly

Question is can I used in pixhawk as Blheli_32 ?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes you can use BlHeli on Pixhawk. However not all the output motor pins support it. On the Pixracer for instance its not a problem but for say a regular pixhawk…you have to use the AUX pins.

BLHeli_S works in Betaflight because it supports Bidirectional Dshot. This is in development with Ardupilot and working on some ESC’s with Master. The ESC’s have to be flashed with custom firmware. I have one set of Spedix ESC’s that work and another that doesn’t. The difference is the timing between the 2 models. Ardupilot work is on going, see the Bidirectional Dshot thread.

See here?

Means ? Yes I have regular pixhawk and why aux channel ?? Why not regular 8pins don’t used ?

Hmm , my though is i will used as a battery monitor using telemetry port ?
Just like this , my ESC :arrow_down:

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

You said here you have a BLHeli_S ESC:

I was answering that question. The link you posted is for BLHeli_32. You bought the wrong ESC. You can probably use the Current output pin in to the Pixracers Current input pin if it doesn’t exceed 3.3V. Good luck.

Yuppp , but ESC support telemetry so can’t get enough for our firmware , or blheli_s is not powerful as compared to _32 ?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your answers

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