Errors launching MP

Hi there,

I get this error every time I open MP, it may have started to happen since i updated to a beta version, but after that i have tryed several times to uninstall and install again latest version, and I keep stuck in the same situation.
The program after that error still “works”, but there are more errors when i try to connect or use the planning options.
Obviously there is a strange string “C:\Users\mich1\Desk…” there is no such user in my windows, and looks pretty familiar name for this community, but i cannot undrestand why is this happening only to me using the official files.

Of course this only happen in one of my laptops, hope somebody can give me a hint, thanks in advance!

still cannot find the issue, nobody has a hint with the screenshots?

I would use an uninstall software as this will remove user related settings as well as the actual software (MP).
Once MP is fully removed re-boot system. Then install MP fresh.
With a bit of luck this will solve the issue.

Here is an example of such un-install software, but there is also other software out there and you can remove this software again after you’ve finished with it (this is a free version- no need to buy full version).

have you blocked write access to the my documents folder?

@Michael_Oborne It looks like I have blocked the acces to YOUR my documents folder! xDDD

I haven’t done anything, don’t have antivirus either, just clean windows.

Thank yoy @Karl_Schoelpple for your suggestion also, but still didn’t work.

nobody thinks that is really weird to have an error about a folder that looks like it’s from the developer itself? I mean, does not the user “mich1” looks too much like @Michael_Oborne 's folder? why am I the only one with this error? xD