Errors Building the latest ArduPilot for Pixhawkon with Make

Hi there,

I’m getting these errors when I try to build latest ArduPilot code on a Mac.

make px4-clean
make px4-quad

Generating headers from /Users/abencomo/git/px4/PX4Firmware/msg/.DS_Store
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/abencomo/git/px4/PX4Firmware/Tools/”, line 178, in
File “/Users/abencomo/git/px4/PX4Firmware/Tools/”, line 142, in convert_dir_save
convert_dir(inputdir, temporarydir, templatedir)
File “/Users/abencomo/git/px4/PX4Firmware/Tools/”, line 104, in convert_dir
File “/Users/abencomo/git/px4/PX4Firmware/Tools/”, line 89, in convert_file
File “/Users/abencomo/git/px4/PX4Firmware/Tools/genmsg/src/genmsg/”, line 157, in generate_from_file
assert False, “Uknown file extension for %s”%input_file
AssertionError: Uknown file extension for /Users/abencomo/git/px4/PX4Firmware/msg/.DS_Store
make[1]: *** [generateuorbtopicheaders] Error 1
make: *** [px4-io-v1] Error 2

I installed empy as it has been suggested, bit I still get the above errors.

sudo easy_install empy
Searching for empy
Best match: empy 3.3.2
Adding empy 3.3.2 to easy-install.pth file

Using /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages
Processing dependencies for empy
Finished proc

Any suggestion will be appreciated!

After I manually deleted the .DS_Store under /px4/PX4Firmware/msg/, then I was able to complete the build using Make.

Notice that installing empy seems to be also required to complete the build.