Errors after setting up ""Build Setup"

I used the provided information for setting up the Source Development but ran in some errors.
Eclipse reports 21 errors like:

AdapterView cannot be resolved to a type /FlightDataActivity/src/com/droidplanner/fragments line 99 Java Problem

The path it is pointing to “/FlightDataActivity/src/com/droidplanner/fragments” is not my path. My fragments are at “C:\DPSource\DroidPlanner\src\com\droidplanner\fragments”.
Do I have to change this? If so, where do I do it?

Have I missed something or who knows how to solve?

Finally I was able to load DP V2 on my Eclipse too and now I do have the same errors in
Any idea?

Please read my answer at : viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4965&p=7391#p7391

The problem happens probably because you are missing some librarys, try to download and unzip on the DroidPlanner top folder the following projects: … …

And keep in mind that you can call me in google hangouts so I can help you setup everthing via GIT.

I have installed the two suggested librarties in the root where my source is.
The errors stayed however.
After changing the build path (by clicking the +sign in front of “import;” error line in the source code) I got the option to add “HorizontalVariableListView” to the build path. Then the errors disappeared.

I hope now I can make my next step.
Thanks Arthur.

BTW where do I leave my comment/suggestions for the new V2 RC1?


This is the place to put feedback on everything related to DroidPlanner:

If you want help to setup the environment just call me via Google Hangouts.