Error writing waypoints

Hi there!
I have successfully completed the loiter and altHold flight modes but now when I am trying to write the waypoint file it is showing an error-
The pic is in the Google drive –

The mission planner version is 3.2.1
Also I am not using the latest version of firmware V3.6.5
I am using APM 2.8 as my flight controller board

Hello,to solve the problem I uploaded the waypoints with a previous version of the missionplanner

I, too have noticed this problem. You can fix it with first downloading the waypoints from the FC. Then it will let you upload new ones.

but… this is not a parmanet fix…its more like a remedy

can i get a tlog, so i can confirm

this helped me today with an APM 2.5 board and a updated version of MissionPlanner. than you Charles! :slight_smile:

but i wonder why this upload error is happening so frequently…

I got into the same problem with APM 2.8 , whenever i want to write the WP an enexpected error message appear. i tried to change the version of mission planner from 1.3.70 to 1.3.72 but it didn’t work , actually it did work before that on the first version 1.3.70 but i don’t know why it doesn’t now .
since i am participating on a competition can someone please help me on this point as soon as possible .

where i get downloading button in mission planner ?

have you get problem solving ? may you teach me