Error with DELAY command in mission planning

Hi @Michael_Oborne,

I think there is a mistake in the display of the flight path in MP 1.3.49 as soon as I add a DELAY command I get a wrong waypoint at Lat=0 Lng=0 if I zoom out and a point at the Northpole (?) if I zoom in. The copter actually follows the intended flight path (not the displayed).
Another problem is that the fligthpath is never parallel to the polygon. See attached pictures:

Polygon and grid: (966 Bytes)

I second this issue. Same version of MP, Copter 3.5.1
Created Delay within mission , 20 seconds in first column. I did enter -1 in hours/minutes/seconds
Saving mission to copter seems successful however, clear mission then Read way points from copter… plots Delay way point at arbitrary position across map…

yep, its just a drawing bug. doesn’t affect anything other than drawing a point to 0,0,0
I will be fixing

Thank You very much !
Could you please correct the angle of the flight path relativ to the polygon borders as well. If I draw for example a rectangle with horizontal lines the flightpath is not 90°/270° but some degrees off.