Error while trying to use openCV

I intend to use openCV in Mission Planner Scripts. I have tried to import it using the import cv2 method, but it did not work. I also tried using the OS library to change the working directory to import cv2, but it gave me the following error:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

So can anyone please tell me if there is a way to have openCV working with Mission Planner?

Mission planner uses IronPython internally and *.pyd files are just not working for IronPython by default. I think it would be great if MP uses the ‘official’ version of python. Refer to this:

I got the computer vision thing working alright. Not exactly OpenCV, but yes, gets the job done!

Fantastic! After I found out that ironPython does not support opencv I turned to dronekit and I am still working on it. Actually I’m quite intrested in your solution. It would be great if you can share your ideas.

would you mind sharing it with me? The computer vision thing. Did you change the library, or etc?