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Error while compiling SITL for ArduPilot

(Eduardo Work) #1

I get the following error while trying to compile SITL for ArduPilot. I’ve followed the instructions on how to run it on Windows available on the webpage 1.

I’d appreciate if somebody could give me a hand on this.

(Amilcar Lucas) #2

Do not use make sitl -j4 use .\waf copter instead

(Eduardo Work) #3

I’ve found the error: had forgotten to run

git submodule update --init --recursive


(Rjiun Raj K) #4

update your git sub modules in proper folder/location.

(MagicRuB) #5

The recommended thing to is is run “” from the Vehicle directory (like in /ArduPlane or in /ArduCopter) and it will handle all the submodule stuff

Setting up SITL on Windows
(Ibrahim) #6

Hello I am also having the same problem, I want to simulate plane not copter, I used your command what you said with modification, but it give me error

bash: .waf: command not found
Please help me.

(Amilcar Lucas) #7

You need to follow the instructions on the website and install a couple of packages in your computer first.

On windows:

or on linux:

and .waf is wrong. It has to be ./waf on linux or .\waf on windows.