Error When Trying to Download DataFlash files

I have previously downloaded log files on APM 2,6 from the Flight Data screen. I’m trying to do the same for an APM 3.1 but get the following message:

Getting list of log files…
Error:System.Exception: Timeout on read - GetLogEntry
at MissionPlanner.MAVLinkInterface.GetLogEntry(UInt16 startno, UInt16 endno) in c:\Users\michael\Source\Repos\MissionPlanner\Mavlink\MAVLinkInterface.cs:line 4053
at MissionPlanner.MAVLinkInterface.GetLogList() in c:\Users\michael\Source\Repos\MissionPlanner\Mavlink\MAVLinkInterface.cs:line 3996
at MissionPlanner.Log.LogDownloadMavLink.b__0() in c:\Users\michael\Source\Repos\MissionPlanner\Log\LogDownloadMavLink.cs:line 92

I am properly connected via MAVLink. to the APM 3.1 and can do configurations without any issues.
Any ideas what the problem might be.?

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I would say the logs are corrupt. as the error is saying that the autopilot did not respond.
I would clear the logs, and then do another flight and test that it works again.

Hi Guy’s,

I had the almost exact same error a few months ago on my APM 2.6 and discussed it with Michael on a different forum. I have just been able to come back and take another look at the issue.

I was advised to format the dataflash card, but the 2.6 doesn’t have a removeable card!

Is the APM dataflash knackered in that case?

Click Rest To Defaults in the full parameter list to format the DataFlash

So does that mean I would then have to reload all the firmware and parameters?

no, just parameters

Many thanks for the help.