Error when downloading DF log in MP

I went thru the previous queries on this issue and seems it is a very common problem.
My case : FC is Revolution running Chibios. Arduplane V4.0.5
Setting on LOG_BACKEND_TYPE =4 (Block). There is no sd card in Revolution.

Ever since I switched to Chibios 2-3 years , I have problem downloading the Log analyzer (laptop running Win 7)with ALL Revolution running Chibios Recently, I also had problem downloading the DF Log on all Revo. No problem with ALL Pixhawk running Chibios.

I tried using another laptop which runs Win 10 with no change.
Attached is the param and screen shot on error message.

Param__DF log.param (17.9 KB)

Appreciate your help.

I noticed your usb baud rate is wrong, if you use usb to connect then set your baud to 115200 and try again!

Hi Yaros,

Thank you for your reply. My laptop recently did not automatically detect my FC (Revo) at 115200 baud starting around 2 weeks ago.

Very often I changed it back to 115200. But the error in downloading DF log and Log Analyzer started 2 years ago on REVO running Chibios. See attached screenshot after changing to 115200 baud.

Anyway, thanks

@Michael_Oborne the creator of Mission Planner may help you