Error reading logs when trying to geo-ref images


Using the latest mission planner and arducopter 3.4 rc1, when using the geo-ref tool to geo-tag my images mission planner gives me an error “error reading log”.when I try to pre-process the log. I am using the same workflow that I always have and am a little bit stumped as to what is wrong with the log. I do get large logs, about 400mb (20 mins of flight) when converted to *.log as I have arducopter log almost everything. This hase not been an issue in the past but am wondering if it is now. I have used notepad++ to examine the log file and everything seems how it should be.

If the problem is the large logs causing mission planner to error, can someone provide me a link or some info for what I should be logging or some insight on what parameters I can manually remove from the .log with a text editor like notepad++ while still allowing mission planner to geo-tag the photos? I tried to edit the log with just leaving that cam and trig messages but it did not like that either.

Thanks for your help!

are you using time offset? or cam messages?

I think you might be correct in that’s its a large log. and I will look at fixing that.

I’m using cam messages with the hot shoe feedback

Could you explain your hot shoe setup? Sounds pretty interesting. Are you using a VMapper or Reach system?