Error Parsing ArduPilot log file

I’ve just maidened my Durandal in an Edge 540. I downloaded the log, but when I try to read it just gives a “parsing error”. I also can’t open it with Mission Planner or QGC. Help!

This is ArduPlane 4.2.2 stable

Here is the file: Dropbox - log_22_2022-8-7-19-36-44.bin - Simplify your life

This a short log from a few minutes earlier when I armed the plane but didn’t fly. Dropbox - log_21_2022-8-7-19-23-54.bin - Simplify your life

So logging is working, but there is something wrong in the larger log - but what?

If I try to open the bin file with Mission Planner I get this message. What does it mean that there are no FMT messages in the log?

Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 1.04.07 PM

I’m seeing the same thing with a Durandal. Looking at the downloaded .bin files directly, they’re the expected size, but the content seems to be nothing but spaces or 0x00. I changed the LOG_BACKEND param to 6 (Block) and generated a DF log, and Mission Planner is OK with that file. The rest of the logs I’ve collected are just empty, looks like.

I’ll try that today. Thanks!

OK, I take back what I said. Logging on the Durandal seems super weird. Setting LOG_BACKEND_TYPE to 4 (block) seemed to work for a test where I armed it on the bench with the props off, but then I took it out for some flights and got nothing at all in the way of log files. Changed back to 1 and did another flight (~60 seconds hovering in Alt Hold) and checked the logs, and there were 360 log files, all 0 length. Did another bench test with LOG_BACKEND_TYPE set to 1, and got another log. Haven’t gotten anything useful out of it since then.

Thanks @kellyschrock I didn’t get to fly today because baseball players, but I’ll try as soon as I can and post my results.

Yes, I found LOG_BACKEND_TYPE = Block didn’t work at all. No logs were written. What did work was a brand new 32G SD card and using LOG_BACKEND_TYPE = File. I’m downloading now (so slow over radio 3k/s) so lets see if they have zeros or data. Update - the first log is great. So it looks like the problem was the SD Card, and also Durandal doesn’t support Block logging I guess.

Sidenote: I tried a highlend/fast 128G SD card and it did not work at all. It seems 32 G is the max supported. :frowning: