Error on boot when trying VTOL-quicktune LUA script

I am looking to try the new VTOL-quicktune LUA script. I followed the instructions and put the script on the SD_Card and set the SCR_ENABLE=1. Upon rebooting the Cube Orange FC I am getting an error on the HUD. xpected symbol near โ€˜<โ€™ Do I need to increase the SCR_HEAP_SIZE to accommodate this script or am doing something else wrong.

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The error message says "unexpected symbol near โ€˜<โ€™. ". I guess the lua script is not properly copied and saved on the SD card, caused this syntax error? The script should look like this if opened by text editor.

Kindly share here lua script as txt file so that everyone can use of it.

Please check here. Quadplane and tailsitter tuning pages are updated how to use.

I downloaded it straight from the link below and transferred it directly to the SD_Card from the cube. I wondered if the transfer process went wrong so I downloaded it a second time and saved it straight to the SD_Card. Same error both times.

Make sure you have the raw file not the html.



Thanks. That was the key. My bad.

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