Error .NETSDK1045 in Visual Studio 2019

Hi, i have issue when im building Mission Planner in Visual Studio 2019, it shows error like this:

Error: NETSDK1045 The current .NET SDK does not support targeting .NET 6.0. Either target .NET 5.0 or lower, or use a version of the .NET SDK that supports .NET 6.0.
Project: wasm
File: C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk\5.0.404\Sdks\Microsoft.NET.Sdk\targets\Microsoft.NET.TargetFrameworkInference.targets|141||

At first i used .NET 6.0 and .NET SDK 5.0, after that i got that error, so i change it to be .NET 5.0, but that error still appear, what should i do?

ignore it. And go ahead to build. But build only the Mission Planner project not the whole solution.

I will modify interface of the mission planner, is it okay if i ignore that error?

Sure, is is not relevant the Mission Planner project