Error: Missing Params 1005 vs 1003 -> what does it mean?

I have an Error on MP 1.3.71 Build 1.3.7451.16917 and after BetaUpdate also on
2020-06-03 11_31_33-Window

What does that mean and how to proceed and fix?

What firmware do you have installed?

also can you provide the tlog of the connect

It’s an ardurover4.1.0dev, but with the version before MP1.3.71 it worked. Sorry, don’t know the old version#.

2020-06-03 11-30-47.tlog (496.8 KB) 2020-06-03 11-29-49.tlog (84.0 KB)

If you can read out the MP-version, here an old tlog:
2020-05-01 16-41-18.tlog (363.9 KB)

i actually think this error is because of a firmware bug, but im chasing it up.

I went back to 1.3.70 and all is working fine. So I don’t tend to a FW-bug.
If I could help to test anything - just give me a hint.