Error message when accessing radio setup

Can anyone tell me what this is? I am not able to get any radio signal… nothing moves on the screen when I move the sticks…

Are you running the latest version of Mission Planner? If yes, can you describe what you do to create this error?

Also, you may want to tag this (or repost it) in the Mission Planner sub-forum, as this is probably a Mission Planner issue.

Yes, I’m running latest mission planner software. I have already tried reflashing arduplane firmware, reflashing r32u2 in dfu and reinstalling mission planner. Tried two different receivers as well. I actually can see the green bars moving when I move the sticks on the radio, but when I push calibrate radio, it gives another error when I click the last prompt to start, and then when it goes into calibration, the green bars move, but the red lines do not move. Prior to this, I flashed the sbus firmware to the r32u2, which didn’t seem like it was working properly because the servos would randomly move, so I flashed the original ppm firmware back.

So the error comes from pressing “Calibrate Radio”? I recommend you (or a moderator?) move this query to the Mission Planner sub-forum. (Right now it’s in “ArduPlane”)

Have moved your request to the Mission Planner area where it will get more coverage and hopefully an answer.

fix your RCMAP_? values. one of them is set to 0, which i not a valid value.