Error message: Failed to get rally point


I have program a new board with APM 3.4.6 and when I connect to Mission Planner, there is an error message : « Failed to get rally point » (just after the connect).

I don’t find solution in forum and in wiki.

I tried with APM 3.4.4 and 3.4.5 and it it always the same problem.

Have you got an idee where is problem?

That is a Mission Planner message. Looking at source code I would say that probably you have RALLY_TOTAL parameter set with same value but there is no actual rally point stored. Try setting the RALLY_TOTAL parameter to zero - you shouldn’t normally touch this parameter! Also, if you want rally points loaded, you’ll have to load them again.


You have resolve my problem.

It is strange because the board was all new, but it is work and this the main.

Again thanks !