Error in last version Pixawk radiolink

Hello friends I am new to this forum, I wanted to ask a question and I hope it is the correct forum site, for a long time, I have the radiolink pixhawk with very previous versions of fimeware, because the latest versions when installed on my pixhawk radiolink And make all the configurations, after arming engines it misses a “Crash Disarming” error and the quadcopter is disarmed, and it is practically dangerous to fly or try to fly this way, they could tell me why the error goes out with all the new versions for pixhawk, Crash Disarming "is something that I have been suffering for years, I also always jump the battery low battery alarm but it is tested with many types of batteries 100% charged and my pixhawk understands that it has low battery, and the low battery sound starts to sound .

I would appreciate this great help

Your writing style is hard to read/understand. Try some line breaking and differnt punctuation.

Did you fly with an older firmware version?
Maybe the power module need different values. Is it genuine 3DR hardare?

Also provide the logs of the flight attempt.
With the log we can check the parameters and status of the sensors.


Hello, my English writing is translated by googles.

If I use previous versions because last version gives me an error when designing the engines disarming crash.

I use pixhawk radiolink clone.

Where can I pass the log log? Do you need

The configuration of the power module and put 12,8000v in battery monitor

the logs are stored on your micro-sd card.
Put it in a SD card reader and copy the file onto your computer.
Upload the log where you tried to fly and got the disarming error. You can check the time stamp of the files to identify the right one.


I guess I have to install the latest firmware version that this is correct? Then pick up the register of the SD Car, and check and post here to see if you can help me

No you don’t have to upgrade the firmware to get the logs.
But of course you should keep the firmware up to date.

ok thx I’ll do it and pass the logging log