Error in Binding Spektrum DX6 to Pixhawk


I recently received a quad copter, it’s using Pixhawk and DX6 transmitter, but when i tried to run it, the main led is blinking in blue, and when I press the arm button, it turns into solid red, but main Pixhawk led keeps blinking, I think that it’s because i cannot bind the transmitter (Spektrum DX6) with the receiver (DSMX), i checked the box and i didn’t find the satellite receiver in order to do the binding, is there any way to do that? i checked QGroundControl, and the RF Calibration tab is inactive, any suggestions on how to solve the issue?

Thank you

It is best to bind the Spekrtum Remote Receiver to the transmitter by attaching it to a full up Spektrum R/C receiver and then bind the full up receiver to the transmitter which will also bind the Remote Receiver to the transmitter.