Error georreferencing

Im using MP georreferencing, but it gets an error in not able to solve or skip.
It apparently does the preprocess, but then shows an System.IndexOutOfRangeException that i can’t identify.
There’s a little caption attached.
Anyone has a solution???

I ran into this after a MP update a few weeks ago. To that point I had great success with the geo-referencing utility.

I did eventually get the files referenced by turning off the Use AMSL box but the geo-referenced files failed to produce a usable mosaic. Haven’t had time to gather more images as I updated my flightware since then and now can’t get a decent flight using the ekf due to compass problems.

I hope you get an answer to this as I posted this question about a week ago both here and on the blog without a response.

I also managed to get geotagging working in Mission Planner as well by unticking the use ASM box with Arducopter 3.1 using the data flash logs as the tlog didn’t work. I’m worried about upgrading to the newest version of Arducopter as I suspect the logging might be different now and I’m about to do a few surveys with the copter.

I still haven’t been able to get geotagging working with Ardupilot 3.4 though.

One thing I figured out was that the SD cards in my Pixhawks weren’t working at all. I had to upgrade them before the logs would start writing again.

I’m having the same issues.
Did you fly your mission in Terrain or relative?

When I selected the AMSL I got them to tag.
But the alt was 100m higher that the actual flight, did you see that issue too?