Hi all,

Just got 3.3 running on my Finwing Penguin with Pixhawk, and when I went out today and MP was displaying the following error in the HUD: Error EKF CONST POS MODE

I’ve tried searching on this but not finding much info…

Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Warren M

I believe this is a false error being reported by Mission Planner and they are going to fix it in Mission Planner. Check the 3.3 beta thread on DIYDrone.


I just upgraded my new Pixhawk.

I also get that continuous error message after upgrade. I want back to MP V25 and it looks ok. I sure wish they would get all the MP/Aircraft firmware interface bugs worked out before releasing new versions. :unamused:


Michael Oborne is planning on releasing a new version of MissionPlanner with this fixed today

New Mission Planner and all is good – Thanks.