Error connecting MP to UDP and SIK radio (RFD900x,900u, cheap amazon one)

I am having the most troubling time getting any radio to connect to my mission planner on the laptop I have setup as a dedicated GCS, can get them to connect on my PC as well as my other school laptop, but not a darn thing on my GCS. I am running windows 10, running MP and I keep getting these errors come up. I have uninstalled MP and reinstalled with no luck. When I check device manager I do see the devices connected on their specific comm ports but MP will not connect. I also last night notice some very odd behavior when it came to the HUD, mine just simply disappeared from the screen on my PC all I had was a double actions tab, it still wouldn’t come back with a restart.

Hello, check with rfd tools if You have connection between 2 radios, try to use Mavproxy/Qgroundcontrol in order to check if it is MP problem, try to reinstall driver for radiomodem.
How I can remember You can get double action tab if You “played” with option to simple/advanced layout.

something on your pc is holding the port open. please try a different pc.

I have got it to work on all my other laptops except this one. I will do some looking see why something is keeping a port open. Do you possibly have any ideas Michael, or possibly know of any solutions?

I believe that it was UGCS that was causing the issue with keeping a com port open. I have a pro license to their software and with that being installed as well as MP it seems that it was keeping all of my ports open as I could not even get a pixhawk to connect using USB. How would you go about figuring out which port was open and how to resolve it? I would like to keep my pro version of UGCS as it allows me to use a computer paired with android device to control DJI M100 and M600?

I have solved the radio connectivity issue but I have still been unable to solve the reason why my PC is doing what it is in the third picture in this post. I have uninstalled everything checked everything in the Crtl-F screen and I cannot determine why my HUD is gone. When I double click on the HUD it comes out of the screen but nothing shows up when I exit that screen the actions tab takes over where the HUD was but that actions tabs is not clickable. Has anyone else seen what is happening in the third picture??

the hud issue will be a graphics card driver issue.
please update your graphics card driver.

as a work around goto MP settings, and tick HUD, GDI+.
i advise the better solution is the graphics acard driver. as performance is reduced when using GDI+

Thank you Michael I just recently had Microsoft send me update without looking at what it was, my bad, but also damn them to hell they always screw up my brightness every time I update on my Lenovo laptop. Once selected the setting you mentioned HUD came back. Will try rolling driver back to see if I can get it to appear without gdi+ selected