[Errno 111] Connection refused sleeping

I’m getting this error on Ubuntu 18.04 running ArduPlane with sim_vehicle.py when the script tries to connect to the tcp for mavproxy

However I’m only getting it on one user. When it works for one user, it looks like this, before continuing successfully:

Connect tcp: source_system=255
Failed to load module: No module named adsb. Use ‘set moddebug 3’ in the MAVProxy console to enable traceback
Log Directory:
Telemetry log: mav.tlog
MAV> Waiting for heartbeat from tcp:

However, running the same commands as another user (the folder with all the python has open wx privileges), it throws an error when trying to hit that tcp, like this, before crashing:

Connect tcp: source_system=255
[Errno 111] Connection refused sleeping
[Errno 111] Connection refused sleeping
Failed to connect to tcp: : [Errno 111] Connection refused
SIM_VEHICLE: MAVProxy exited
SIM_VEHICLE: Killing tasks

Any ideas what’s up?

did you solve it yet, getting the same problem

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I’m currently having the same problem on the ubuntu 18.04 on WSL2, let me know if you have this figured out. Though I am using arducopter, but it’s possible the solution could be the same.