Erratic Uncontrolled Descent Crash and Bounce up to 95m

Hi all,

Faced a very erratic crash with my drone. After completing a mission when the drone was RTLd, came back to home position and came down very fast. At much higher speed than the set 1.5m/s. Crashed onto the ground breaking all my landing gears but to my surprise it started climbing again. Climbed to a height of 95m before coming back down again, and crashed and disarmed. Kindly help me understand the issue here. Attaching the telemetry log for the flight.

A Tlog won’t be of much use/ Post the .in flight log.

Can you explain exactly what you will look for in .in log which cannot be found in telemetry log?

Everything. The Tlog data rate is too slow for any useful troubleshooting.

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