Erratic Behavior while flying

Hey guys I need a bit of help here. I am getting really frustrated. I can get the quad to lift off the ground. It requires constant input on my part to keep it from hitting something really hard. It will roll all of the sudden at almost a 45 degree angle. I changed motors to a 4114 330 kv motor with a built in folding prop adapter and am running 15x5.2 props. I have checked balance on them and CG on the props. Everything was good there. Flight controller is mounted on an anti vibration platform. the one with the 4 little silicon things that go into the base plate at an angle.I am running 30a opto afro esc flashed with blheli. I have turned up demag compensation as well as motor timing to medium high. I will include my lastest log file.

I am running on 6s Quad copters center of gravity is right in the middle. I am starting to think I got the wrong motors. Maybe I should return them and get a fixed prop kind…i dont know they are the only thing I can think of that could be causing an issue. I included two seperate log files. The vibes look odd to me between the two.

Any help is great I have been working on this thing for so long. I ended up switchin flight controller to the pixhawk because the librepilot revolution was giving me GPS fits. I had the quad flying fairly well with my old motors which were a 2216 rewound to around 400kv running on 6s. I had a flyaway and it ran into a tree and damaged a motor. So I figured it was a good time to get new motors.
2016-12-18 21-07-08.bin (281.7 KB)
2016-12-18 21-21-51.bin (740.0 KB)

Here is another one in which the vibrations are strange. On the graph you can see them get really small. That is when my quad is at minimum 4 feet off the ground. I will say this and I am not sure if it make a difference or not. I have always used carbon fiber props. Not this time I went with a plastic glass or something like that type of prop. They are stiff but still flex.2016-12-18 21-49-13.bin (953.3 KB)