Erratic behavior of quadcopter

Greetings to you all!

I ve been trying for several days now to find a solution with the erratic behavior of my quad.

My setup is (all brand new):

Gryphon FZX GD-8 airframe
4x Tmotor U-7 motors 420 KV
Tmotor Flame 80 esc
Tmotor 18’’ props
1x 6S 22000 mAh battery
Pixhawk (3.2 firmware) + ublox

I tried to find some answers in the log files and the only thing I can see that is wrong is the vibation on the latteral (Y) axis. I tried to isolate vibrations in the best way I could. Could this behavior being caused by vibrations? I have to mention that I have two more of these setups and have absolutely no problem with them. I dont have a good way to explain this behavior so I m posting a video during flight.

Can anyone please help by analyzing the log file and give me an idea of what is wrong…? Is there any possibility that it is a malfunction of pixhawk it self (accelerometers, gyro etc)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated