Err EKF_Check-2 in logs

I’ve been all over the Wiki trying to make sense of this but its illuding me…

I can’t find a reason for the EKF_Check-2 messages in the log - subsystem 16 error 2

The error is Bad Variance - where EKF is out compared to compass by more than 60 degrees for a second.

But my Ekf is turned off (or so I think) - just updated the firmware to 3.2 and changed nothing other than done the calibrations.

I’m confused, can anyone help ? The flight was just a test hover - 2 landings to check esc temps and battery during the flight.

Yes, this has been reported as a bad message. EKF is not turned on but the message reports that way. The problem is still that DCM has detected a large variance and hence the message.

In version 3.3 that is being worked on EKF is the only mode of operation.


I get the message even before Arm, when carrying the copter to its take off point.

All very strange, it flew very well before the SW update and still does now. ?

I’ve ordered another GPS and Compass with a bigger mast… Will arrive Thursday so I’ll test again after fitting.

I get the message with my APM 2.5 which (for my understanding) has no EKF at all.

Yes its a firmware error - It should read DCM not EKF - however you still have a DCM problem

So what’s a dcm problem? I get that same ekf error

Did the error got resolved now?