Err: 251-201 and strange failsafe behavior

Hi, got that error on my latest flight log. I can’t find any info about it. What might it be?

Also, weird behavior during flight. When trying more sportier flying, I got ekf_check-2 and failsafe_ekf-1 errors and copter went to “land” mode! I have not set land mode for failsafe but RTL! Where did that came from?

Also just before errors, copter rapidly rised from 30 to 90 meters without any throttle change from transmitter…

No place for log here…?

upload your log to dropbox or something like that for the moment, check if you don’t had gps gliches.and vibrations


ok, I missed vibrations. Seems that there were some severe vibrations when climing began. It was very windy day, could that be source for those few vibration segments?

Check your vibes in hover in a calm day, but your altitude raise problem was caused by vibes looks your clips too.

During hover vibrations seems almost non existent. Sorry, what did you mean by “clips”?`Any idea about that 251… error? Or land mode?

Perhaps this help I couldn’t find info about that numbers too.

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yep, that explained the land mode. I wasn’t aware of that yet. Thanks!

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