Enhanced camera trigger logging issues

As anyone knows, triggering a camera in an auto mission isn’t always successful when it comes to geotagging the images in mission planner. Enhanced camera trigger logging should solve that… or not lol! Some times it works great, trig messages for example will be at 110. Cam messages at 103, which means the camera missed 7 exposures. Normally in MP goe tag window this would fail. But in this case it works being it only recorded the 103 voltage drops (1kohm resistor) on the flash adapter cable. But other times the cam messages don’t match! Doesn’t make any sense as the only time a cam message is recorded is when the camera actually fires! Any ideas? I’m thinking maybe some interference on the pin 55 digital input. Maybe try the circuit to go high instead of low? BTW, this is arducopter 3.4rc1 beta firmware.