Engine based Quad

I am new to this forum and extremely excited to start working on my first quad. I have been into aeromodelling for the past few years and i would just love to make a quad with 4 engines instead of 4 motors.

Is it possible to do that with the current APM copter design or will i have to do the whole thing from scratch?

In your case you would use the output of the APM to drive servos that control the throttles on the quad’s engines. It can be done, but if you do not have a fair amount of experience with gas (nitro) engines and how they are controlled in an R/C plane, you might want to find someone who does have that experience. I would find trying to start four gas (nitro) engines that are that close together to be a little nerve racking. Also a gas (nitro) engine quad can be quite dangerous if it goes out of control.

I am planning to use the DLE 30 engine with a self starter kit.

innovationmodels.co.uk/#Dle% … 0kit%20DIY

Also planning to modify 2 of those engines so that they spin in reverse. My main doubt is whether I can use the stock module to do this or would I have to use some kind of intermediate electronic mapping to map from motor output to controlling the engine throttle servo.

Anyone with this kinda experience here?

i think you will go to an enormous money vaste.
first it will be very difficult to make an dle30 to spin reverse but it is not the worst (could be done mecanically)
the pb will be to make the 4 propellers to run independantly (different speed) I don’t know how to do that simply.

you will finish with 4 collectif pitch rotor (as helicoptere) spinning at the same speed with a huge weight in mecanic.

will be far easier and cheaper to use a classical monorotor helicopter with the apm inside

multirotor are only easy to do with the versability of the electrical drives