Endless Mission Planner Connect Problems Help?

I seem to have endless problems connecting my Pixhawk to Mission Planner and ask if there a fix for a more reliable connection?
I’m using MP 1.3.39 and when connecting the USB port it either (1) The Com port does not appear in the drop down box or (2) it shows as Com 5 and then using speed 115200 it can take up to 3 -4 attempts to connect. Sometines I have to restart MP and replug the Pixhawk. 'm using Win10.

is there a fix for this??

it sounds like a hardware issue, as if it doesn’t appear as a comport, but has in the past, it sounds like the hardware/usb has failed.

It comes up as Com 5 USB but with it showing it can take about three attempts to connect. Sometimes I have to reconnect the Pixhawk USB cable a few time to get it to recognize it. Other USB devices connect first time so it is only with the Pixhawk.
What is normal as I have heard that some Pixhawk’s are easier to connect than others??

try replacing the cable, and different usb port, and different pc.

similar issue , One of my laptops times out never connects to CUAV V5, shows mavlink in device manager as com5 , but always times out see details screenshot. for now I’m just using a different laptop, but wish my nice Alienware i7 with windows 11 would work.