Encryption Mavlink package using raspberry

Hi. Want to install the encryption package mavlink from the pixhawk to the mission planner. For these purposes, I chose the option to insert between the PX and the raspberry antenna. PX is connected to raspberry by microUSB, antenna via UART on GPIO. To read MAVlink packets with PX I use MAVproxy, because I could not read directly from the interface. Therefore, I intercept the UDP packet, encrypt it on raspberry and transmit it to the antenna interface. Faced with this problem, telemetry is transmitted from the PX, but the team with the Mission planner in the PX are only a part. At the same time on raspberry they reach and I send them back to MAVproxy on UDP port. You can advise that it is possible to make or where to look. Or if there are other options how you can make encrypted traffic between px and mission planner. Thanks.

Get a rfd900x or 868x and switch on AES encryption in the radios :smiley:
If you encrypt outside the radios, then you loose radio injected packets, no rssi, and mavlink flow control…

Thank you, can I clarify what mavlink flow control means?

Mavlink_radio packets injected by the radio contains the free bytes in the radio’s tx buffer. AP code checks it and throttles mavlink stream speed up and down accordingly.

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Thank you for helping.

Hi @aron
I am researching on the same subject. What is the “encryption package” you are referring to?
Do you mean the “signature” feature added in MAVLink 2.0?