Encrypt the cube SD card

I am planning to make my sd card encryption with password protect but I wonder after password protected whether FC will save the log file in it?

Why wonder, try it…

Any one tried here in forum?

Yea, I just tried it. Encrypted with Bitlocker, enabled LOG_DISARMED and here is the result.


So encryption sd card will not log the flight information

Try it for yourself, then you will know. I Decrypt the same card and now logs are being saved.

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But prearm : logging failed message appears?

i have tried with SD card encrypted i have noticed following things

  1. Ardupilot gives Prearm :logging failed
  2. download dataflash log via Mavlink doesnot show any log which already in the SD card.
    3.there is log stored even set LOG_DISARMED = 1.

No surprises there. You can’t encrypt something arbitrarily and then expect it to just work anywhere you plug it in.

Why are you trying to encrypt? What security measure is actually required?

Our clients want even if uav crash no flight data and geo location to be taken by third party.

I have another idea not to insert sd card and arm check uncheck the logging option.but it’s better sd card inserted with data not to stole anyone.

Try LOG_BITMASK instead, then.


I don’t know why anyone would care about flight data, and you will want that, but as Yuri suggested simply uncheck GPS for logging.

Thank you I will try this.

did you find anything how can we secure data on the flight controller?