Encountering Errors while Building Mission Planner v1.3.74

I’m currently in the process of building Mission Planner, specifically version 1.3.74 and I’ve encountered a couple of significant hurdles that I’m hoping to overcome with your assistance.

The first issue revolves around a total of 443 NU1310 errors, all of which are rooted in the WASM project. These errors are divided into two categories: one half is related to the inability to load the service index for source https://dotnet.myget.org/F/blazor-dev/api/v3/index.json, and the other half is related to the same issue but for source https://dotnet.myget.org/F/aspnetcore-dev/api/v3/index.json.

The second issue I’ve run into involves 220 CS0433 errors within MissionPlanner.Maps. The error message indicates a conflict - 'The type ‘Bitmap’ exists in both ‘MissionPlanner.Drawing, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’ and ‘System.Drawing, Version=’.

Upon conducting some preliminary research, I’ve discerned that MyGet is an older, unsupported server that, for reasons currently unknown to me, is inaccessible. By removing the lines calling MyGet in wasm.csproj, I was able to resolve the issue. However, I’d appreciate any additional insights into why MyGet is not functioning as expected, and whether there’s a more elegant and efficient solution to this issue.

As for the second problem (which accrued even before I have removed MyGey), I’m currently at a loss and would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions.

For context, I’m utilizing Visual Studio 22 in conjunction with the vs2022.vsconfig from the repository.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.